Kami memiliki sejumlah mitra, yang meliputi: Hardware, Telecom/Networking, alat-alat pengembangan, grafis Database, konsultan dan RTO. Kami juga berafiliasi dengan banyak mitra OEM.


AdventNet, An ANSI C-based rapid prototyping and development tool for building SNMP agents, TL1 agents, CLI agents, and Multi-protocol agents with SNMP, TL1, CLI, and HTTP adaptors
Agilent Technologies, Test, Measurement and Monitoring Devices; Semiconductor Products and Chemical Analysis Tools
Agranat, DSL and IC Technologies
AISYS, EmDA Tools that facilitate the development of device driver and BSP code
Allegro Software Development Corporation, Embedded Web Server Engine and Web Application Toolkit specifically for embedded environments
ALT Software Inc., 3D/2D Graphics, Video Processing, Audio, Networking, Games, Mobile Entertainment, and Wireless Development
Altera, SOPC solutions
Altium (Tasking Tools), Desktop EDA and Embedded Software Design Tools for the Microsoft Windows environment
AMD, Integrated Circuits for the Personal and Networked Computer and Communications Markets
Analog Devices, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and DSP ICs used in signal processing applications
Analogue & Micro Ltd., MPC860T Viper Board
ARC, IDE, Debugger, and the C/C++ Compiler
ARM,16/32-bit Embedded RISC Microprocessor Solutions
Artisan, Physical Intellectual Property Components for the Design and Manufacture of Complex ICs
Atlantex-USA , Real-Time Embedded Systems Consulting Partner
ATMEL Corportation, Atmel uses its leading-edge technologies, global manufacturing capacity and world class design expertise to combine its core non-volatile memory competency into unique memory, programmable logic and application specific integrated circuits.
Avnisoft, Software Services and solutions in the technology areas of Systems software, Embedded systems, Networking software, and Internet applications.
AXYS Design Automation, Integrated Processor and SoC C/C++ modeling and Simulation Solutions for the development of  SoC devices
Balcom, Software Development Services provider to the Networking & Telecom companies in US with a development focus on SNMP based Network & Telecom Management, Networking & Telecom protocols and software development, and Embedded Software development
Baton Rouge International, IS/IT solutions in the form of Custom software design and development; IT, e, and business processes consulting; turn-key project design; rollout/implementation, and management in a variety of industries and settings; IS/IT outsourcing, and IS/IT staffing
Birdstep Technology, Database and Wireless Infrastructure
Blue Peach Solutions, Inc., Project and Consulting Services in Data Communications, Storage and Embedded Systems
CAD-UL,  Software Development Tools for the IA-32/x86 Protected Mode processors
CARDTools, Real-Time Embedded Application co-design and simulation tools targeting Embedded Applications
Ceeyes Systems (Bluetooth Technology), Software Cores and Development Services for building Internet Infrastructure Products
Certicom, Information Security Products, Technologies, and Services for Wireless Applications, Devices, Components, and Networks
ChipWrights, DSP/RISC Microcontroller for the rapidly growing, Digital Imaging Markets
Cirrus Logic, RTOS
CoSystems, Integrated Solutions for the Telecom Industry
Datalight, Inc., Flash Management Provider
Dathosch Technology, Architecture, Development, and Integration Services for Product Designers using Embedded Software
DCM Technologies, Intellectual Property and design services for the Computing and Communications Industry
DDC-I Inc., Ada, C, and JOVIAL compilers for safety critical Real-Time Embedded Applications
DSET, Provisioning and Electronic-Bonding Solutions
einfochips, ASIC Chip Design, Embedded Systems and Software Development Services
Embedded Performance, Inc. (EPI), Development and Debug Support for Embedded RISC
EMBEDnet, Software Solutions for Embedded Systems
EmuTec Inc., Development Tools for Embedded Systems and Internet Devices
Enea Embedded Technology, Embedded Operating System
Epsilon, Online and Offline Marketing Solutions
Eureka e-Solutions, Software and Internet Engineering Firm
Extended Systems , Mobile Solutions
First Silicon Solutions (FS2), JTAG Debug tools
Future Communications Software, Communication Software Services and Solutions
GAO Research Inc., Leading provider of embedded software solutions for voice, video, data and fax over IP (voice/video codecs, and IP stacks), modem (V.92 and fallbacks), fax (V.34 and fallbacks), speech (ITU voice codecs), telephony, modem relay, fax relay (T.38 etc), Fax/Voice/Video over DSL on various fixed and floating point DSPs and microprocessors. GAO is serving industry leaders since 1992.
Green Hills Software Inc.
Highlander Engineering, Inc., CORBA®-compliant environment for Developing, Deploying, and Managing distributed Embedded Applications that are open, flexible, and interoperable
Hitex, In-Circuit Emulators, Monitors, Simulators, Debuggers, Analyzers and Evaluation Boards all the way to the Innovative PressOn Adaptation Solution
I-Logix, Application Development Tools and Methodologies that automate the development of Real-Time Embedded Systems
IBM, Information Technologies, including Computer Systems, Software, Networking Systems, Storage Devices and Microelectronics
Icon Labs, Network Management Tools and Beginning-to-End Development Services
IDT, IC Solutions
ikon GmbH, Communications software
Infineon, Semiconductors
Infraware, Infraware is a technology oriented software company that develops solutions for internet applications to include WAP and Web Browsers.
Insignia, Java Technologies, and Provisioning-Infrastructure Software
Intel, CPU
Intelligraphics, Device Driver Development
InterNiche Technology, Inc, Networking Management and Configuration Software for Embedded Systems
Interpeak, Embedded Network Security
Intoto, Embedded Gateway Infrastructure Software
iWave Systems, Hardware/FPGA, RTOS, and Firmware Development
Lauterbach, Modular Microprocessor Development Tools ranging from IC Emulators and Logic Analyzers
Lexra, Semiconductors
LinkUp Systems Corporation, OEM System Solutions, Development Systems, Software Tools, and Integrated Debug Environment
M-Systems, Flash-Based Data Storage Products
Macraigor Systems, OCDemon™ (On-Chip Debug) Technology
MapuSoft, Tools and Support that allow customers to quickly move their products from one RTOS to another
MetaWare, IDE, Debugger, and the C/C++ Compiler
Metagraphics, Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Programming Tools
Metrowerks, Software and Hardware Development Tools
Microcross, GNU Tools
Mindready Solutions Inc., provider of automation, embedded and test systems and provides an IEEE-1394 SedNet*Pro Stack; a software library that provides embedded systems with direct access to the FireWire bus. The product allows applications to leverage the high performance IEEE-1394 serial bus via a platform independent low level API.
MIPS, 32- and 64-bit RISC Microprocessor Architectures and Cores for Embedded Systems
Freescale, Communications Solutions and Embedded Electronic Solutions
National Semiconductor, Analog and Digital Technology in Wireless Handsets, Displays, Information Appliances, and Information Infrastructure
NCOMM, Product Development for the Telecommunications Industry
NEC, Internet Solution Provider
Neomagic Corporation, OEM System Solutions, Development Dystems, Software Tools, and Integrated Debug Environment
NetBricks, Protocol and Hardware Solutions for Telecom
NetPlane Systems, Networking Software
NetSilicon, Silicon Vendor
Network Oriented, Remote-Access Connectivity Products
NextNine, Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support of Network Equipment
Nombas, Multi- and Cross-Platform Scripting Tools and Technology
Northwest Logic, Design Services and IP Cores
Novacam, Imaging
NSI COM, Java Virtual Machines
ONE, Automation
Ones and Zeroes, Custom Platform Development
Open Interface North America, Inc., Open Interface is a pioneer in the development of Bluetooth protocol stacks and related software. Our goal is to be the world’s leading supplier of wireless connectivity software.
Paradigm, x86 Embedded System Software Development Tools
PEP Modular, VME-systems in 3U and 6U, embedded controllers, industrial I/O modules and intelligent distributed microcontrollers
Philips Semiconductors, USB host and OTG controllers, and other semiconductors
Phoenix Technologies, Security or Device-Enabling and Management Software Products
PLX Technology, Silicon and Software for Networking and Communications
Pragmadev, Real Time Development Tools
PrimeLayer, Foundation-Layer Communications Software
Professional Software Associates (PSA) Inc., IEEE Solutions
Rational Software Corporation, Design and Test Products
Real Time Automation – Ethernet Connectivity is no longer an option for your Industrial Device – IT’S A REQUIREMENT. And the most important Industrial Application Layers for industrial networks are EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP. With Nucleus and networking software from RTA you get a seamless solution to your customers networking requirements. Developed specifically for embedded, industrial applications and fully integrated with Nucleus, you will have DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP or Modbus/TCPcommunications in days not weeks, months or years.
Redux Communications, Fabless Semiconductor
Renesas Technology, Corp., Electronics, Computer Systems and Products, Semiconductors, Industrial Equipment, and Services
Sankhya Technologies, Cobra provider
Seamless – Mentor Graphics Co-Design Division, Mentor Graphics Co-Design Division
Sharp, Electronics, Semi-conductor
Skelmir, Java
SNMP Research International, Internet Management Technology
SoC Solutions, Platform Based Solutions for ASICs and FPGAs
SoftConnex Technologies, Inc., USB Software Solutions
Spider Software, Communications Software
Sun, Embedded Division, Embedded Operating System
Swell Software, Inc., Portable Embedded GU
Symbian, Mobile Phone OS
Tao Group, provides scalable multimedia solutions that operators, broadcasters, hardware manufacturers and content developers need to deliver their multimedia strategies across the widest range of devices.
Tektronix, Inc., Logic Analyzers and Processor/Bus Support
Telelogic, Configuration Management
Telesoft International, ISDN Drivers, Protocol Stacks, Source Code Libraries, and ISDN Device Drivers
Telogy, VOIP
Tensilica, System-On-Chip (SOC)
Texas Instruments, DSP
Vanteon, Embedded Hardware/Software and Wireless development
Vertel, Networks and network support system integration
Viridien Technologies, Inc., BSPs, Drivers, ATM stack integration, Network Mgt, IP stack integration and extensions
Virtio, High-Performance Software Model
Vitesse, Volume Manufacturing and Production of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Devices (Integrated Circuits)
WIPRO, IT Services
Xilinx, a supplier of programmable logic chips

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