Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research

Keyword research can be very challenging and demanding task. There are lot of theories and tips on how to do a good keyword research. We would like to share one quality infographic with common steps on how to do it right.

Keyword research - infographic
Keyword research

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Keyword Research for Beginners

Even SEO beginners can easily do some basic keyword research for free by using free tools accessible to everyone.  For instance, Google’s keyword tool is pretty handy for doing some basic keyword research.

For instance, say you own a company that sells environmentally friendly soy jar candles.  You want to find out what keywords you should highlight on your website and in marketing articles, so you use Google’s keyword tool to look for keywords relating to soy candles.  By looking at the list of results, you decide that natural soy wax candles and aromatherapy soy candles are a couple of other good terms to focus on.

Of course, you’ll notice that there are a lot of results there — dozens, actually.  So how do you sort through all of them and decide which ones are most important to focus on?  Well, the Google keyword tool does have several little bars that show how much competition you’ll have on each keyword phrase, and how much search volume each keyword phrase gets.  You can use these to help determine which keyword phrases offer the greatest opportunities for your business.

If you have a hard time deciphering this data, don’t be afraid to get help from a professional keyword research or SEO service provider.  Outsourcing this kind of work is often much better than trying to muddle through it on your own, because you’ll get expert help done in a fraction of the time it would take to do it on your own.

Keywords for Technical Subjects

Keyword research on popular topics is pretty easy.  A lot of people search for keyword phrases related to ecommerce and online shopping, for example, so it’s easy to use a keyword research tool to help you locate the most frequently used keyword phrases.

Technical topics, however, are not as simple.  Not as many people search for these keyword phrases, making it more difficult sometimes to pick out popularly used keyword phrases, and you also need to be able to pick out your target market.

Here are some tips for selecting keywords and keyword phrases for more technical subjects.

  • Keep your target audience in mind.  Are you trying to sell your product to scientists or another technical group of people, or is it a technical product to make the average person’s life easier?  If it’s the first, you’ll want to make use of technical terms and lingo that the scientists would use — but if it’s the latter, you should use layperson’s terms.  For instance, would the average person use the search terms “liquid flow calibrator” or “ultrasonic water flowmeter”?
  • Consider branding.  If your company’s name is well known, you might want to include it in your list of keywords.  If it’s not well known, focus instead on keyword phrases that are more likely to be searched for.  For instance, Sierra Instruments is a well known manufacturer of mass flow meters, so companies and individuals looking for these meters are likely to use the manufacturer’s name in their keyword searches.